Kate Westlund is someone you want to have on your team. She is a hard-working team player who can be relied on to get the job done, even in the most challenging circumstances.

I will be forever grateful for her efficient and skillful editing and her ability to make my written copy sing. I have found Kate to be nimble and confident in moving between tasks and taking on new ones. In short, I would absolutely welcome the chance to work with Kate again and again.

amy melin  /  Television producer, Writer, director @ Twin Cities PBS - TPT


I had an opportunity to work for Kate on a temporary assignment formatting stories for the Minnesota Remembers Vietnam Story Wall project in the fall of 2017. As my supervisor on the project, Kate was very organized, gave very clear instructions for the procedures I was to follow, and was very patient as I learned the program.

She has a natural ability for managing people and excellent communication skills. Even though my position was temporary, she made me feel very much a part of the project team and I enjoyed working with her.

linda cameron  /  freelance web editoR


Kate is one of those people who seems like Midas; everything she touches turns golden. She's smart, creative, willing to work hard... I'd hire her again in a snap.

She's the kind of person who if you asked her, "Kate, how can you add value to this project?" I'd just listen to her ideas and go for it. She's that good.

Brad Montgomery  /  motivational speakeR


Kate was my direct supervisor while I was a Cultural Production Intern at Twin Cities PBS and she molded my internship into one of my most meaningful college experiences.

As my supervisor, her daily expectations were clear and reasonable, and she always created opportunities for me to meet with departments throughout the company and further my professional development. Kate is easy to communicate with and cares about her work, her coworkers and her community.



While I could talk extensively about Kate’s communication skills, work ethic, creativity and intelligence, my biggest takeaway when working with Kate was the way she advocated for me. She made me feel like I was an important member of the team and my opinions were valued. She gave me the confidence to succeed at my position. Kate would be an invaluable addition to any team.